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Our First Term Goals


1. Learn the Language

     We will probably take about six months to learn Melanesian Pidgin (the trade language of PNG), and then we desire to begin working on the tribal language of Siar (one of over 800).

2. Locate Among the People

     After we arrive in Kiari, we will need to determine which "haus lain" or house line (grouping) we will live in. Because Kiari Baptist Sios (church) is located in the KVK haus lain, most attenders are only from this haus lain, especially if there is a feud with the other groups. By locating in another haus lain nearby, we desire to be able to reach those people in a special way as we build our house and live among them.

3. Church Planting: Evangelize and Disciple

     As soon as we have a grasp of the Pidgin language, we will be able communicate at a basic level with most of the folks in Kiari. We will then be able to build friendships and trust (much needed in the PNG culture) that allow us to evangelize and then disciple those who believe. Also, I will have the opportunity to begin teaching classes at the Bible school so men and women will be more fully equipped for indigenous ministry to their own people.

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